The importance of home WiFi is growing exponentially.  All of our homes now have all sorts of really useful items that make our daily lives more streamlined.  From Alexa providing services to us from a simple alarm clock to what the weather is for the day.  Its quick.  Its as easy as speaking.  Unlocking your front door.  Opening your garage door, calling your friends and looking up recopies are just a mouth full of speaking away.  You don’t even have to type it.  Now we add cameras and cut the cord to cable using our Firesticks or “Smart TV’s”.  Its now less expensive to have more television channels if you know which services to purchase.  Knowing all of these cool new technologies is part of what we do.  Install them and manage them for you.  It all begins in one paramount place.  How good is your WiFi throughout your home.

At “AVN” we begin mapping this out for you from the floor plan of your home.  It is essential to “Engineer’ the proper placement of your Access Points.  Access Points are small devices that look like fire alarms that are installed on your ceiling like your fire alarms.  They have the specific purpose of providing you with WiFi.  You see, WiFi is a microwave signal.  It doesn’t like to have anything obstructing its path.  Anything in the way will cut down its ability to keep your devices connected.  This is just an overview.  If you would like to know what the perfect placement of your Access Points please click here to leave us your information.  We will need your Floor Plan.  If you do not posses it we can get it from the local building department for a small fee.  Please [CLICK HERE] to get to the form.

More to come on this subject….