Of course this blog post is my opinion, however being along for the ride with the Internet while using it in the late 80’s along with FidoNet things have gotten hot again.  There is a transformative technology out there!  Its AI.  OpenAI GPT is just amazing!  Owned by Microsoft it has Google on its heels at the moment.  Bing will have a 2.0 coming out very soon which will change how people search for things online.  I believe the new Bing will be out next month!  If you have not tried OpenAI GPT you should.  

If you want to learn more about AI in general please check out this video from Cold Fusion on the subject or just hit play.  It goes over some history of Google as well.

The reality is that all Internet Marketing will be changing rapidly if key word searches and “pay per click” ads begin morphing into something else.  What that is for now I cannot put my finger on it.  I will say though if Bing changes into an AI driven search the ad system will for sure change a bit. 

More to come on this subject…..  Please stay tuned and refresh this Blog Site….