AVN suggests to not even thinking about postponing your investment into WiFi 6e. WiFi 6e is super fast!  AVN has been working and growing with all these new standards.  Remembering 2.4Ghz and what went along with it was great back “in the day”.  Now, there are newer standards to try and keep in front of the demand of speed our clients homes and businesses need.  Certainly these new standards are great!  They -really- perform as you will seen in this article.  We are amazed how they can pack such a punch into such a small FCC regulated band.  You will learn about the new 6Ghz band as well as a bit on 5Ghz.  These new technologies are opening the door to new and upgraded functionality enabling your devices to move more data! 

Look at the following forecast:

WiFi 6 & 7 Market Forecast 2021 to 2027

Wi-Fi 6E is the latest Wi-Fi standard that operates in the 6 GHz frequency band. It offers faster speeds, lower latency, and increased capacity compared to previous Wi-Fi standards. This means that devices with Wi-Fi 6E support can transfer data at higher speeds, even in congested areas with multiple devices connected.

Another important WiFi 6e Forecast.

WiFi Market Forecast 2019 to 2027

Our Conclusion is:

Interestingly, we have growth of new technology standards in WiFi communications.  The ability to communicate between your IOT Devices are Paramount in your network Topology.  AVN is an expert in realizing how many devices, which types of devices and make sure your WiFi network can handle them.  We supply services like developing at Site Survey to accomlish where your WiFi Access Points need to land.  Click or call us any time so we can get this working without guessing for you.