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Originally WiFi originated from the term Wireless Fidelity which was trademarked.  WiFi originated to connect wirelessly to the Internet with laptops and other devices which are called IOT devices.  The WiFi protocol was released in 1997 with version 802.11.  In 1997 the Internet didnt move as fast as today!  In 1997 WiFi transmitted at speeds up 2 Megabit Per Second if you were lucky are standing near your router.  As the Internet progressed as more and more people connected to it, more devices were created.  These devices needed more speed.  WiFi was then upgraded in 1999 to speeds of 11 Megabit Per Second.  This protocol was dubbed 802.11b.  At that time the Wi-Fi Alliance or WiFi Alliance formed a trade association to hold the trademark which all IEEE 802.11 products use.  Normally, the IEEE acronym is referred to as “The I Triple E”.  Thus began the billions of devices now connect to the Internet with WiFi.  It is important to note that the standardization of WiFi was increadibly important to standardize how wireless devices communicate with each other or communicate to the router or access point to obtain Internet Access.

Internet Speed Vs. WiFi Speed

At your home or business your connected to the Internet with your ISP or Internet Service Provider.  This speed varies of course depending on either your budget.  Internet speeds at many locations around the United States is getting faster and faster.  Speeds for WiFi are growing much faster than the speed you can get from your ISP currently.  The misconception is getting a WiFi router or access point that is the newest like today we have WiFi 6e which connection speeds are easily 2 Gigabit per second or Gbps or more and thing your Internet speed will increase.  Well it will from the device your using to the router.  As I am writing this I am connected at 2.1Gbps however, my speed to the Internet is 1Gbps.  I am lucky enough to have AT&T Fiber at my home which has 1Gbps download and upload speeds.  Not bad at all!  So, connecting at WiFi 6e I am actually getting the full bandwidth from AT&T which is my ISP.

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Search Terms related to WiFi -Write for our Blog

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