What are the steps for Activating Xfinity Modem?

Step 1:

There are a few ways to activate an Xfinity modem.  Once it’s plugged into the wall with power and the COAX is connected to the Xfinity Modem, you will need to wait until all the lights come on.  Specifically, the Internet Light.

Once this light is on, you will need to connect your computer or laptop to one of the ethernet jacks on the back of the Xfinity Modem.  Check to make sure you have Internet by going to Speedtest.net.  There are two IP addresses Xfinity Modems have.  The first one is  In the address bar of your Internet Browser, go to that address.  If that doesn’t work, the other IP address these Xfinity Modems use is  One of the two will work for you.

Step 2:

You will be prompted with a username and password.  The “standard” username is admin.  Type that in.  Then type is password.  Usually, this will get you into the router and prompt you to change the password to something more user-friendly.

Now you are in.  The first thing you need to look for is the LAN IP address, and make sure you have one.  This is the IP address Xfinity gives you for your service.  Once you see your LAN IP, you should now set up your WiFi.  Set your SSID or Station IDs the way you would like.  Names Like “Mikes Home” or “Julies Shop” I would stay away from because they will signify your Routers access.  Name it something odd like Spaceship or something funky that users will not directly know its yours.  This will give you a bit more security.  Once you set the SSID you will need to set a password.  Now, passwords like hello122231 are bad for many reasons.  They are all easily hackable.  You really need to use some thinking here to remember a password like NeV13r*2!>L()L3nd!!   That password is harder to hack!  Write it down somewhere handy but not public. 

Step 3:

Important:  When someone asks you for your WiFI SSID and Password, take control of their device and do it yourself.  Don’t give your information out!  To anyone!  Please accept my word for it.

Activating Xfinity Routers can be very easy but useful when setting up a few types of networks like 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.  With Xfinity Routers, each one has its own SSID.  Keep in mind they can be XYZ5Ghz and XYZ24Ghz.  It is important that you keep the 2.4Ghz band empty and use it for devices like your Ring Doorbell, other cameras, any Alexa Device, or any other IOT (Internet Of Things) devices you may have in your place of business or home.  2.4 GHz penetrates walls a bit better than 5Ghz so it goes further.  For sure, ALL devices use it, so make sure you just use it for these types of devices and keep the 5Ghz devices for your TV’s and phones.  Devices that will use more bandwidth and also will be a bit closer to your Xfinity Router.

When Activating your Xfinity Modem also make sure its put in a location as high as possible.  I see people putting these devices low on the ground and wondering why they cannot get WiFi throughout their house or business.  WiFi needs to have open space!  It doesn’t like furniture, concrete, walls, windows, etc.  Keep it as high as you can.  Activating Xfinity Modems need to be as high as possible!

Step 4:

If you need more WiFi range, I have a few tips that can help you!  As you read on, you will find that all of what I am saying is exceptionally informative and take into consideration I have installed hundreds of these. 

You need to know that Activating Xfinity Modems run out of WiFi range around 2000sqft.  If your space is more extensive, I have a few options for a budget-friendly way to let’s go nuts and get the best WiFi I can way.

Step 5:

Budget way on Activating Xfinity Modems range issues:  You can get yourself a Netger AX1800 system that can cover up to 4000 sqft.  Now, it will not have WiFi 6e in it, but we are on a budget here.  We are just trying to get a lot more range out of our Xfinity Modem! 

The first thing you should do is purchase yours on Amazon 1800’s.  When they arrive, unbox them and do the following.  Keep the main one right next to your Xfinity Router.  Then place the other two in parts of your space not too far from the first one.  It is hard to describe in an article, but they can have some distance but not too much.  About two rooms away, especially if there are many walls, they have to be closer.  Keep in mind the more walls or obstructions, the closer they have to be together.  This goes with any WiFi device.  On the back of your Xfinity Modem, there should be 4 Ethernet Jacks.  Plug in a suitable patch cable and plug it into the Netgear 1800 device closest to your Xfinity Modem.  Download the Netgear app that is suggested in the manual.  Power on ALL of the Netgear 1800 devices.

The app will take you through the entire installation process.  This will give you a much better WiFi range than Xfinity Modem has built-in.


Step 6:

If you want, the following middle-of-the-road way to get more WiFi range is to have the Netgear AX5400, with has WiFi 6e and is an excellent second choice here.  Of course, the method of setting these up is exactly the same.  I do not have to repeat it, and it is all in the previous section.

Step 7:

Going all out, you will want a few of the Netgear WAX630e Access Points.  You will also need an installer to run the Ethernet to connect them and a “Heat Map” to make sure they are specifically mounted in the exact locations in which we provide this service.  There is no reason to guess when you are spending money on good equipment.  You may as well do it right and make sure the locations are perfect.  Call us any time so we can set this up for you.

You can purchase these devices from this link which will further extend you activating Xfinity modem.

In conclusion:

It is a lot of fun working with these devices.  Extending the ranges is really fun for us.  Call us any time, and we can supply you will everything you need to set this up with an electrician.  Anywhere in the United States, we can supply you with the Acess Points and the plans for the Electrician to make sure they install the Access Points in the exact precise location, run the Ethernet back to the correct device and make sure it is all secure behind a Mini Rack which will look extremely professional and be done the correct way from the beginning.


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