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We provided Richard Gladstone with the Heat Map and the proper Floor Plan which he did not have in order to create said Heat Map.  We had to create several Heat Maps due to a lack of information until we physically went to the Building Department to obtain what was in the public record. 

When we executed the agreement with Mr. Gladstone he had a very simple site plan of his property which I explained to him that it may not work.  That we needed the actual Floor Plan.  He suggested I just draw it in by pencil, to which we responded “It doesn’t work like this”. 

What was in public record was over 120 pages of updates to Mr. Gladstone’s property.  We sifted through all of this to obtain the proper, updated floor plan in order to create the proper Heat Map.  

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This was one of the problem areas.  As you can see clearly this is -indoor- Router acting like an -outdoor- Access Point.  The Heat Map depicts the correct mounting spot with the -correct- Access Point.  This was clearly not installed professionally and one of the problems we were going to fix for Mr. Gladstone.  This Router actually has a garbage bag surrounding it.  We have never seen anything like this, nor we have experienced any of our clients responding to our -hard work- like this.  We truly would like to fix this issue, however, email responses are very combative and negative.

We have allowed commenting on this page.  Mr. Gladstone is welcome to comment and explain himself if he chooses. 

Further, if he would like this page to be removed he can contact us to discuss the matter.    

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