We have more than about 30 years experience in all IT solutions.

From the late 80's Alex Athineos has been working on Computers and Networking becoming a Certified Network Engineer with Novell.  Beginning from building one of the largest BBS (Bulletin Board System), Supplying thousands of users with communications with Internet Newsgroups, Email and file downloads.  Moving from there to building one of the largest Internet Companies in Florida at the time. 

  1. Total WiFi Planning & Installation
  2. Computer Builds & Repair
  3. Network Service
  4. Audio Installation
  5. Server Configuration
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Multi-Room Television Installation
  8. Current & New WiFi Planning & Installation
  9. VMWare Installation
  10. Web Development
Audio Video Networking AVN - Alex Athineos in South Florida Business Journal in the early 1990's


Contact us with any questions at all as we check on them often.  Or you can use the chat function to see if someone is available to answer your question immediately.  If someone isnt available now you can call or leave a message.  You will generally receive a response within 24 hours.

You can either use our Contact Us link or our chat function.

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Quick Questions & Answers About Us.

As our name suggests, we specialize in {A}udio, {V}ideo & {N}etworking.  Most Audio and Video components now run over the Internet and most have Internet Connectivity.  So, from ground up we supply all three and are experts at all.

We supply 24 hours a day customer support for all of our customers.  In all of our installations we have some sort of remote connectivity so we can troubleshoot problems remotely.  However, if there is an issue we cannot solve remotely, and it is an emergency we will show up and fix it 24 hours a day.

Windows, Unix {Linux}, and of course Windows.  Now, we also have expertise in other operating systems such as Watchguard OS, Cisco and many others.  We are familiar with many managed switches as well.

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