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Audio Video Networking AVN - Alex Athineos in South Florida Business Journal in the early 1990's

Short Bio Of Alex Athineos

With over 35 years of IT experience Alex has been working with computers since grade school  Began working with BBS’s in 1986 building one of the largest Bulletin board systems with over 11 nodes [modems].  There he learned about the Internet and networking as the BBS needed to share files over a few computers.  Beta Testing OS2 and Windows his experience began.  He begain building computers for offices and for personal use.  Began water cooling and over clocking computers in the early stages of water cooling buying parts from a company called Koolance which was the first manufacturer of pumps and water blocks for video cards, motherboards, etc.  Began a company called EVCom, Evolution Communications, Inc.  Building the company to almost 200 employees inventing Internet technology with an incredible staff.

More to come…..