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The first in remodeling your home!

What is the FIRST STEP before remodeling your home?

The first step before remodeling your home is to carefully consider networking services. This proactive approach is crucial to ensure seamless operation and optimal efficiency of both present and future technologies in your home. A crucial first step in this process is prioritizing the implementation of the fastest available WiFi.

When designing the network technology prior to home remodeling, it is imperative to incorporate future-proofing measures. By integrating the necessary technology, you can ensure long-term functionality and support for the evolving needs of your home.

The Problem With Technology and Home Remodeling:

First step before home remodeling: AVN Advisors has been a pioneer in installing various technologies, including fast WiFi, Smart Home Technology (Home Automation), Sonos sound systems, and more, for many years. However, a recurring challenge we face is the Contractors and Electricians’ limited knowledge of these emerging technologies. It is important to note that this is not a criticism of their expertise in their respective fields. While they excel in their roles, they may lack proficiency in technology.

First step before home remodeling: At AVN Advisors, we prioritize collaboration with builders from the very outset of the construction process. This early involvement allows us to meticulously configure WiFi Access Point Wiring based on the unique floor plan of each project. It is crucial to avoid the design of technology infrastructure that is inconveniently placed, such as in the garage. It is truly perplexing why such decisions are made, given that garages can reach scorching temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months.

How AVN Advisors Installs Technology:

When it comes to home remodeling, AVN Advisors collaborates closely with contractors and builders to develop a professional plan that ensures clients have comprehensive coverage of the fastest WiFi technology available today. This process involves utilizing engineering drawings and entering the floor plan into a system that precisely determines the ideal locations for each Access Point. This approach is not based on guesswork but rather on an exact science.

By implementing this plan early on in the home remodeling process, contractors and builders receive positive feedback. This is because the cost of installing the necessary infrastructure for optimal WiFi performance after renovations are complete can be exorbitant compared to when the wiring can be installed without the need for drilling or cutting holes in sheetrock. Alternatively, running conduit outside the house and up to the attic can also be a viable option. The measures we undertake to provide precise WiFi coverage can sometimes be quite challenging and labor-intensive.

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Here is a simple 3-step list to work with as a homeowner to get your WiFi Installed:

When it comes to home remodeling, the first step is to obtain the most current floor plan for your home, available in both PDF and print format, from your local municipality building department.

Next, it is crucial to contact AVN Advisors promptly to acquire your own “Heat Map” and set up the necessary technology yourself. Relying solely on contractors for this task may not be sufficient. Take the time to carefully consider the devices you wish to install in your home, as correctly installed WiFi will enable seamless connectivity throughout your entire space.

Additionally, think about the level of security you desire for your home. While traditional physical security is essential, it is equally important to include internet security measures. Protecting your online banking accounts and ensuring privacy during sensitive online activities should be taken into account. AVN Advisors can also provide and secure cameras for your home if needed.