Netgear MS510TXUP POE++ Switch

So what is so special about the MS510TXUP ?

MS510TXUP is a powerful network switch that offers high-speed Ethernet connectivity for businesses of all sizes. Equipped with advanced features such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Quality of Service (QoS), this switch provides reliable and efficient network performance. With its 10 Gigabit ports, the MS510TXUP allows for fast data transfer and seamless streaming of large media files. Additionally, the switch comes with a comprehensive GUI interface that simplifies the setup and maintenance process. Its fanless design creates a quiet workspace, while its sleek appearance complements any office decor. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your network infrastructure or build a new one from scratch, the MS510TXUP is an excellent choice that delivers excellent value for money.

Netgear MS510TXUP Technical Specifications:

Starting off it has 295 watts of power!

Its an 8-Port Multi-Gigabit/10G Ethernet Ultra60 PoE++ Smart Switch with 2 SFP+ Ports.  Provides 4 ports 1G/2.5G and 4 ports multi-gig/10G with 2 dedicated 10 Gigabit fiber ports for WiFi 6 AP connectivity, IP surveillance and mobility. Includes 1-year of Insight Premium or Pro subscription.

  • Multi-gigabit copper ports : 4 (1G/2.5G)
  • Multi-gigabit/10 Gigabit copper ports : 4 (1G/2.5G/5G/10G)
  • SFP+ ports : 2
  • Number of PoE++ (802.3bt) ports : 8
  • Total PoE Power budget : 295 Watts
  • Uninterrupted PoE : Yes
  • Max MAC entries : 32K
  • Buffer size : 16Mbit
  • VLAN (Number Supported) : 256
  • VLAN routing : Yes
  • Dynamic VLAN assignment : Yes
  • MLD Snooping : Yes
  • Static route : Yes (32)
  • Host ARP table : 512 ARP
  • EEE : Yes
  • DoS Prevention : Yes
  • Internal/External PSU : Internal
  • Max power (worst case, all ports used, line-rate traffic) : 380W
  • Fans : 3
  • Acoustic Noise Level @25C : 33.0 dBA
  • Operating Temperature : 0° to 50° C (32 to 122F)
  • MTBF : 848,553 hrs (96.9 yrs)

Netgear MS510TXUP Physical Specifications:

  • Dimensions (W x D x H) : 330 x 206 x 43 mm (13.0 x 8.12x 1.7 in)
  • Weight : 2.51 kg (5.53 lb)

Netgear MS510TXUP Traffic Management:

  • Auto Negotiation of speed and duplex modes
  • IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
  • Dynamic MAC address management
  • IEEE 802.1Q-based VLAN
  • Auto Voice VLAN
  • Auto Video VLAN (selected models)
  • VLAN routing (selected models)
  • QoS based on WRR, strict priority, or both
  • Port-based and IEEE 801.2p-based QoS
  • TCP/UDP-based QoS
  • DiffServ
  • IPv4 and IPv6-based QoS (selected models)
  • DSCP Support
  • Rate Limiting (ingress, or egress)
  • Link Aggregation and LACP

Netgear MS510TXUP Multicast Capabilities:

  • Insight mobile app or Insight Cloud Portal
  • Web browser-based management GUI
  • Smart Control Center Software for multi-switch management
  • IP Access List
  • IPv6 Management
  • Configurable Management VLAN
  • SNMP v1/v2c and v3
  • Standard MIBs (RFC1213, RFC1643, and RFC1493)
  • RMON group 1, 2, 3, 9
  • Firmware Upgrade through Smart Control Center (TFTP)
  • Firmware download (to switch) and upload (to server) through TFTP/HTTP
  • Configuration and Image Upload (to PC) through HTTP
  • Configuration Download (to Switch) thru TFTP/HTTP and upload (to server)
  • Memory & FLASH log
  • Syslog (server)
  • System password protection
  • Netgear Security Functions:
  • MAC lockdown
  • MAC lockdown by number of MACs
  • IEEE 802.1x port authentication
  • Dynamic VLAN Assignment
  • Guest VLAN
  • 3 HTTPS /SSL versions
  • TLS session
  • Trusted MAC
  • IPv4, L4-based Access Control List (ACL)
  • IPv6-based ACL (selected models)

Netgear MS510TXUP Multicast Capabilities:

Netgear POE++ Switch Blog
  • IGMP snooping, v1, v2 and v3
  • IGMP Snooping querier
  • Blocking of unknown multicast traffic
  • MLD snooping
  • Netgear Spanning Tree, Routing and Stacking 
  • IEEE 802.1D, IEEE 802.1w RSTP and MSTP
  • Option to enable/disable BPDU flooding when STP is disabled
  • Static routing with 32 static routes (Selected models)
  • Hosted ARP table size of 512 (Selected models)

Netgear MS510TXUP Reliability, Performance and Troubleshooting

  • Port mirroring both on ingress and egress traffic
  • Jumbo frame suppor
  • Broadcast Storm control
  • Cable diagnostics
  • Loop Detection
  • DoS Prevention
  • IEEE 802.1ab LLDP
  • Dual Image
  • SNTP
  • Option to enable/disable the flooding of EAPOL when 802.1x is disabled
  • Protected ports
  • DNS client
  • DHCP clients
  • DHCP snooping
  • Ping and traceroute client
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az) compliant (Selected models)

Our Conclusion:

At AVN Advisors we have had an excellent experience with this switch.  Its performance is incredible, ping rates perfect and power unbelievable.  Its ability to remain cool despite its performance is certainly impressive. Your enthusiasm is overflowing as you state that it is a great purchase for anyone who needs the very best possible switch to power high-end access points and IP cameras. Your recommendation is much appreciated and will surely be helpful to others who are in the market for a high-quality switch for their networking needs. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinion on this product!

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