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Information regarding what planning goes into WiFi installations before they are done at someone's home or business

By AVN Advisors

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When it comes to establishing a reliable and high-speed WiFi network in your home or office, professional WiFi installation is essential for achieving your connectivity goals. By leveraging expertise and the right equipment, professionals (like us) can customize your WiFi network to meet your specific needs, ensuring a strong and secure connection. 

Troubleshooting Before WiFi Planning

As a WiFi infrastructure provider, we prioritize conducting diagnostics before installation.

We address common WiFi issues by examining prior installations for faults that may have led to customer complaints. We also check router placement and evaluate ISP performance to identify any possible hindrances.

Additionally, we can enhance network speed through software upgrades upon customer request.

Our goal is to provide exceptional WiFi experience by identifying and resolving potential issues before installation, ensuring seamless connectivity.

Our Method Used in WiFi Planning

When it comes to network upgrades, our clients often seek improved performance with faster speeds and enhanced reliability.

We prioritize structured cabling as our preferred practice over wireless networking. This involves running cables to stationary devices, providing consistent and reliable connections without disruptions or unpredictable download/upload speeds.

To achieve this, our specialized team will create a meticulous plan for routing your structured cabling. We are committed to providing a professional service that guarantees customer satisfaction.

Utilizing Heat Maps and Site Surveys

When it comes to WiFi planning, our team prioritizes efficiency. We conduct site surveys (inspections) based on your home or business’ floor plan.

We strategically engineer access point placement for optimal connectivity across all devices, considering the most suitable location for your main router. Our planning process also accounts for future equipment additions according to client preferences.

To ensure device protection during power outages, we prioritize power management. We utilize Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and heat maps to determine the most efficient location.

Heat maps help identify WiFi dead zones, allowing us to eliminate disruptions and provide a seamless, uninterrupted high-speed internet experience for our clients.

Where to get Professional Advice for WiFi Planning and Networking

The information presented on this webpage pertains to potential business inquiries related to WiFi planning, and has been authored by AVN Advisors, a recognized business that specializes in audio, video, and networking services.

AVN Advisors has earned its reputation as a ‘one-stop shop’ for internet-related services, offering a wide range of services that cater to a business’s audio, video, or networking needs, including networking setups and website development, among others.

In the context of WiFi planning, AVN Advisors’ primary objective is to deliver customers with unparalleled satisfaction in terms of network speed and quality, allowing individuals to be more productive and enjoy leisure activities.

 Our primary goal is to ensure that download, upload, and streaming speeds are fast enough so that a customer’s attention is not diverted to the issue of poor connectivity.